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Yet another redesign and relaunch

Sysadmin 2020-Apr-14

New redesign.

  • CSS based, w3css.
  • Light in Javascript.
  • PWA conformant
  • Optimized image formats.
  • Cruft removed.
  • New additional structured data + json based information.

That uneasy feeling

Sysadmin 2019-May-17

Have you ever had an uneasy feeling from seeing someone you met before?.
Warning bells just ringed in my head when I saw some pictures of people I met while in my previous job role and city.
Seemingly happy family, but such evil hidden behind.

You know how some crooked people is described in documentaries?:
"They seemed like a happy normal family".
"We didn't know what was happening."
Then they end up being massively evil people (thiefs, killers, sexual abusers and on and on).

Calling it right now, if something comes to light about them, this is me saying I suspected it.

Source Code Visualization

Sysadmin 2019-May-8

Site Redesign mostly complete. I've generated a Gource video file to visualize development.

Website rebuilt

Sysadmin 2019-May-7

Dark redesign using the latest Foundation Framework and advanced website speed optimization techniques.

Red Hat Delivery Specialist - Cloud Automation

Sysadmin 2018-October-29

I've completed the RedHat Cloud Automation coursework. Red Hat's training material is excellent and even though the lab environment was a bit wonky it was otherwise very nice. Took around 80 hours total (no skipping and a lot of note taking).

Using ansible in all of my servers

Sysadmin 2018-October-1

And so, I setup ansible as a main tool to work on my personal servers. It's great, it doesn't mind working on a mixed set of distributions and server stacks.

New Website Design

Sysadmin 2018-October-1

I've redesigned my site for a cleaner look and faster loading. I've also fixed some compatibility issues and minor viewport bugs on IE.

I took a long look at several new minimalistic CSS frameworks, and even though I like the idea, most of them leave out older browser compatibility due to taking advantage of new CSS properties. This tradeoff makes them very clean, but centered around mostly webkit based browsers. I also dislike deeply the idea of installing them through the nodejs toolchain, since its prone to breakage and overengineering.

Clean code for clean designs.

A workable Unix sysadmin setup

Sysadmin 2018-June-1

Here's my current setup.


  • Lenovo Thinkpad t540p


  • KDE Neon
  • Firefox Nightly
  • Spacemacs / Kate
  • Yakuake
  • OpenVPN
  • Apache/NGINX
  • Arc/Solarized Color Scheme

Source Code Visualization

Sysadmin 2018-May-20

Site Redesign mostly complete. I've generated a Gource video file to visualize development.



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