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Augusto Tijerina

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Things I learned from him and agreed:

  • Add at least 1 partition to the LVM volume rather than the single disk (/dev/sdc1 rather than /dev/sdc).
  • Don't mess with kernel modules for security apps (it only taints the kernel).
  • YAML indentation sucks.
  • Avoid dhcp in VMs.
  • Don't overuse shell scripts in crontabs.
  • M$ Natural keyboards are good. Sculpt is likely better.
  • Diablo is one of the best game franchises.
  • Heavy Metal for ambiance.
  • Cheap plastic for 3d printers makes for good testing ground.
  • for 3d printing models.
  • Raspberry Pi's should be kept at raspbian for maximum compatibility.
  • Mesh networking for large houses, preferably 5ghz band.
  • LFS or make-yourself distros to learn the startup/bootloader ecosystem.
  • NAS should be updated regularly.
  • NFS rather than SMB for all enterprise needs.
  • Kickstarter has waaay too many projects.
  • Leather rather than vinyl for wallets.
  • The 4th Doctor is the best.

Where we disagreed:

  • Having a family is needed to be a good person.
  • Self-discipline beats talent on the long-run, if well used.
  • Social media is a necessary evil.
  • RHEL is the only worthy enterprise Linux distribution.
  • macOS and apple devices. I just don't use them.
  • Propietary apps for "convenience". Always go open.
  • Linux as main driving OS everywhere.
  • Compulsive shopping. Just don't.
  • Organizing and documenting is the most important task for knowledge building.
  • Satellite/Tower are production ready. Way too overengineered and fragile.