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Augusto Tijerina

~❯ Linux Sysadmin / Web Technologies


I currently work at SAP in Monterrey, México. I used to be a Unix/Linux Sysadmin working in the atos Websystems team. I was formerly a Project Manager and Frontend Developer.

I built quite a few websites, worked extensively on Web Development, Web Design, e-learning, e-commerce, SEO, and general Digital Marketing. I used to live in Saltillo, Mexico. You can check my old portfolio, updated online resume, and blog around here.

I also do external Consulting and often work as a Trainer for corporate customers on several IT Areas (from soft skills like Project Management basics to technologies like Unix/Linux Systems Administration, Responsive Web Design, Structured Data Optimization and basic Project Management).

SAP offices in San Pedro, Nuevo León, México

If you're a recruiter, please read my resume to see if I'm a fit before contacting me, it might be handy.

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Mostly short stuff about my clickety wandering through technologies (I don't do the social stuff, so no cutesy pictures of trivial stuff there). I try to keep it sparse and not too personal to maintain my privacy profile, but update regularly.

I also love data visualization, version control systems and good software practices, so I frequently post generated videos with the source code history of my website or projects (of course they're git repositories):

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Fill this out if you want to get in touch with me. It's usually faster since I don't do Social Media messaging.

Career and Education

I worked at atos as a Service Unit Lead for the Websystems Team. They provide high reliability engineering for medium and large server environments for several large organizations. My team supports Unix/Linux following ITIL, so we see a lot of Red Hat, SuSE and some legacy Solaris/SunOS servers.

A sysadmin's example tmux session

Before that I worked 7 years in WSI / First Consulting Group, ever since getting an internship the last semester of my career (Software Engineer). Lots of experience, outgrown environment and role.
I started as a developer and systems administrator and got to be a Project Manager. I did a lot of interaction with clients and managed all the projects for WSI.

Linux and Unix Experience

I've been using Open Source Unix variants for about 19 years now. I do lots of distro hopping and BSD dabbling, so I've picked up some skills in different environments.

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About this Website

This website is an HTML 5/CSS 3 compliant design loaded in a hosted Google Cloud Storage instance and taking advantage of Cloudflare technologies to ensure uninterrupted service. I grew tired of hosting providers spotty service for VPS so into the clouds I went.
I can heartily endorse it as an outstanding combination.

Reading list

I read voraciously, and keep track of the books I consume. You can check out the latest books I'm reading. This helps when asked about book recommendations or my current mind stream.

Augusto Tijerina's Bookshelf and recommendations

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