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Linux Sysadmin and Web Technologies in Monterrey

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⏲ Synopsis

I'm currently a Unix/Linux Sysadmin working in the atos Websystems team in Monterrey, México. I was formerly a Project Manager and Frontend Developer.

I have built quite a few websites, worked extensively on Web Development, Web Design, e-learning, e-commerce, SEO, and general Digital Marketing. I used to live in Saltillo. You can check my portfolio, online resume, services sheet and blog around here.

I also do external Consulting and often work as a Trainer for corporate customers on several IT Areas (from soft skills like Project Management basics to technologies like Unix/Linux administration and Responsive Web Design and Structured Data optimization).

atos b2 in Apodaca Nuevo Leon

🗐 Blog

Mostly short stuff about my clickety wandering through technologies (I don't do the social stuff, so no cutesy pictures of trivial stuff there). I try to keep it sparse, but update regularly.

I don't think one should use a blog or Social Media as a bookmark service, so I don't link to songs or stuff like that.

I also love data visualization, version control systems and good software practices, so here's a generated video with the source code history of my website (of course its a git repo):

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✌ Contact


🎓 Career and Education:

I work at atos as a Service Unit Lead for the Websystems Team. We provide high reliability engineering for medium and large server environments for several large organizations. My team supports Unix/Linux, so we see a lot of RedHat and some legacy Solaris/SunOS servers.

Previously I worked 7 years in WSI / First Consulting Group, ever since getting an internship the last semester of my career (Software Engineer).

I started as a developer and systems administrator and got to be a Project Manager after my predecessor decided to leave due to health reasons (or so we think). I did a lot of interaction with clients and managed all the projects for WSI.

🖧 Technology Experience:

For about 15 years now, I've been using Open Source Unix variants. Lots of distro hopping and BSD testing, so I've picked up some skills in sysadmining.

Linux Counter for Augusto Tijerina

This website is currently running in a hosted Google Cloud Storage instance and taking advantage of Cloudflare technologies to ensure uninterrupted service (I grew tired of hosting providers spotty service so I'm giving the Cloud a shot).

🔖 Reading list:

I keep track of the books I consume, you can check out the latest books I'm reading (Sometimes I get a request for comments on my reading list or book recommendations).

Augusto's bookshelf:

The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future
The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right
The Solar War
I'm the bad guy!?: Arrival