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Augusto Tijerina

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Training Accreditations

I like to train a lot, so I've listed my accreditations here to make sure I can keep track of them. I'm also listing a few resources I didn't get an accreditation for (some courses don't give them out).

Red Hat Trainings:

Red Hat Updated: January 2023

Click on the title to see the PDF accreditation.

Red Hat Delivery Specialist - Automation PDF

This learning path provides a learner with the experienced level of proficiency with Red Hat Ansible for automation. Key elements Ansible Engine, Ansible Tower, and Ansible Galaxy are covered. Level 2 training includes immersive self-paced courses on the implementation of Ansible Engine and Ansible Tower. Upon completion of this learning path, the learner will be able to perform demos, support proofs of concept (POCs), and proofs of technology (POTs), and work on Ansible and Ansible Tower-related projects.

Red Hat Delivery Specialist - Platform PDF

This learning path provides education and experience in working with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform and the recommended management platform, Red Hat Satellite. The learner will gain experience with key storage, operations, system management, security, and networking, and they will be able to configure a system to provide basic networking services such as HTTP, FTP, NFS, SMB, SMTP, SSH, and NTP. The training in this learning path progresses to the Advanced proficiency level.

Red Hat Sales Engineer - Automation PDF

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Foundations provides students with the foundational knowledge and tools needed to create basic Ansible playbooks, navigate Red Hat Ansible Tower, and explain various hosted services and integrations for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

Red Hat Sales Engineer - Virtualization PDF

Red Hat Virtualization is an open source virtualization infrastructure management platform for servers and technical workstations. Red Hat Virtualization provides centralized management for the KVM hypervisor provided by Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat Virtualization 4.0 Foundations teaches solutions engineers, consultants, and partners personnel to provide hands-on demonstrations to customers. The course prepares students to demonstrate Red Hat Virtualization 4.0 using a pre-provisioned set of virtual machines from Red Hat Product Demo System. It also prepares them to conduct an introductory technical discussion with a customer. This course is a prerequisite for Red Hat Virtualization 4.0 Implementation, which is for individuals who perform work with Red Hat Virtualization 4.0 at customer sites.

Red Hat Sales Specialist - Hybrid Cloud PDF

This course focuses on helping learners succeed in customer conversations around hybrid cloud infrastructure to accelerate the gains of digital transformation initiatives.

Red Hat Sales Specialist - IT Automation and Management PDF

This course focuses on helping learners succeed in customer conversations around automation to accelerate the gains of digital transformation initiatives.

Red Hat Sales Specialist - IT Optimization PDF

Organizations have invested heavily in infrastructure, applications, processes, and policies over the years. While the pressure is heavy to move to new platforms and technologies to help the business compete, IT cannot just throw out these existing investments and assets. This means balancing new technologies and approaches to bring innovation and insights to the business while also supporting and modernizing systems that help run and protect the business today.

Red Hat Sales Specialist - Ansible Automation Platform PDF

Focuses on Red Hat Ansible Automation. Learners will understand the IT challenge that Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform solves, along with its key use case. They will learn how to identify good prospects for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform sales, how to ask productive questions, and how to respond to customer objections. Learners will also understand the pricing model, and they will be able to place Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform in the context of the Red Hat portfolio.

Red Hat Sales Specialist - Red Hat Enterprise Linux PDF

Learners will be exposed to the foundations of Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) portfolio including Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, how to identify target customers, distinguish Red Hat solutions from the competition, review key use cases, align to the sales conversation framework for positioning the solutions, and much more!

Red Hat Sales Specialist - Automation for SAP PDF

This course introduces the audience to Red Hat & SAP’s relationship, joint solutions we are working together, and running SAP solutions in Red Hat's Linux platforms.

Red Hat Sales Specialist - Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider (CCSP)PDF

This course focuses on helping CCSP partner sellers learn business opportunities they can pursue with Red Hat technologies, common customer use cases they can address, and benefits Red Hat offers to help CCSP partners grow their business.

atos trainings:

atos Updated: January 2023

These are atos-provided trainings, I've only included the optional ones, since the mandatory ones only reflect atos-specific workflows. I alternate between soft skills and hard, technical ones.

  1. Acting with Diplomacy and Tact PDF

  2. Agile Principles and Methodologies PDF

  3. Asana - Signing in and Setting up a Team PDF

  4. Asana - Creating and Managing Projects PDF

  5. Asana - Using conversation tools. PDF

  6. ASMM Ticket Handling Practices PDF

  7. ATF UMF Training PDF

  8. Atos Canopy Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud PDF

  9. Atos Codex PDF

  10. Atos Security Organization PDF

  11. AWS Cloud Practitioner 2019 PDF

  12. Azure Fundamentals - Cloud Computing PDF

  13. Azure Fundamentals - Managing Azure Services PDF

  14. Azure Fundamentals - Networking PDF

  15. Azure Fundamentals - Subscriptions and ARM Templates PDF

  16. Azure Fundamentals - Azure Storage PDF

  17. Azure Fundamentals - Databases and Data Analytics PDF

  18. Azure Fundamentals - Virtual Machines and Security Groups PDF

  19. Azure Fundamentals - Resource Governance PDF

  20. Azure Fundamentals - Azure AD and Windows Virtual Desktop PDF

  21. Azure Fundamentals - App Services PDF

  22. Azure Fundamentals - Software Development PDF

  23. Azure Fundamentals - Security and Compliance PDF

  24. Azure Fundamentals - Monitoring and Cost Management PDF

  25. Become a great listener PDF

  26. Best Practices for the SRE: Automation PDF

  27. Big Data Fundamentals PDF

  28. Cloud Computing Fundamentals PDF

  29. CompTIA+ Linux Command Line PDF

  30. CompTIA Network+ - Cables and comptia-network-cables-connectors PDF

  31. CompTIA Network+ - Cloud Concepts PDF

  32. CompTIA Network+ - IP Addressing schemes and subnetting PDF

  33. CompTIA Network+ - Network Implementations PDF

  34. CompTIA Network+ - Network Operations PDF

  35. CompTIA Network+ - Network Services and Data Center Architectures PDF

  36. CompTIA Network+ - OSI model layers & data Encapsulation PDF

  37. CompTIA Network+ - Registered Ports PDF

  38. CompTIA Network+ - Network Types PDF

  39. CompTIA Network+ - Well known ports and protocols PDF

  40. CompTIA Security+ - Virtualization, Cloud Computing & Cloud Cybersecurity Solutions PDF

  41. CompTIA Security+ - Security Concepts in an Enterprise Environment PDF

  42. CompTIA Security+ - Implementing Cybersecurity ResiliencePDF

  43. CompTIA Security+ - Controls and Application Development, Deployment & AutomationPDF

  44. CompTIA Security+ - Authentication & Authorization Design ConceptsPDF

  45. CompTIA Security+ - Security Assessment Penetration Testing TechniquesPDF

  46. CompTIA Security+ - Threat actors, Intelligence Sources & VulnerabilitiesPDF

  47. CompTIA Security+ - Social Engineering attack typesPDF

  48. CompTIA Security+ - Physical Security ControlsPDF

  49. CompTIA Security+ - Implementing Identity and Account Management & AAA SolutionsPDF

  50. CompTIA Security+ - Analyzing Application & Network Attacks PDF

  51. CompTIA Security+ - Basic Cryptography & Public Key Infrastructure PDF

  52. CompTIA Security+ - Implementing Secure Network Designs PDF

  53. CompTIA Security+ - Implementing Secure protocols & Application Security Solutions PDF

  54. CompTIA Security+ - Incident Response Digital Forensics & Supporting Investigations PDF

  55. CompTIA Security+ - Monitoring Visibility & reporting PDF

  56. CompTIA Security+ - Organization Security Assesment Tools & Mitigation Controls PDF

  57. CompTIA Security+ - Risk Management, Privacy & Sensitive Data Security PDF

  58. CompTIA Security+ - Security Policies, Regulations, Standards & Frameworks PDF

  59. CompTIA Security+ - Wireless, Mobile, & Embedded device Security PDF

  60. Contributing to a Virtual Team PDF

  61. Coronavirus Awareness PDF

  62. Creating accesible content with Microsoft 365 PDF

  63. Cybersecurity Safety Awareness PDF

  64. Data Protection Training including GDPR PDF

  65. Developing Emotional Intelligence PDF

  66. DevOps Fundamentals PDF

  67. DevOps Support Administrator - Exploring Cloud Service Models PDF

  68. DevOps Engineering - Upgrading legacy systems and support systems PDF

  69. DevOps Support Administrator - DevOps practices for support engineers PDF

  70. Digital Accesibility for the modern workplace PDF

  71. docker: Containers, Images & SwarmsPDF

  72. docker: Managing stacks & application developmentPDF

  73. docker: Working with docker componentsPDF

  74. docker: Containerize MicroservicesPDF

  75. Essential Wellbeing PDF

  76. Effective Virtual Teams PDF

  77. Enterprise Architecture basics PDF

  78. Expert Insights on Critical Thinking PDF

  79. Expert Insights on Mindsets PDF

  80. Financial Integrity PDF

  81. General Cryptography PDF

  82. Global EMS advanced PDF

  83. Google Associate Cloud Engineer - Google Cloud Platform Ecosystems PDF

  84. Google Associate Cloud Engineer - Google Cloud Platform Ecosystems PDF

  85. Google Associate Cloud Engineer - Configuring Google Cloud PDF

  86. Google Associate Cloud Engineer - Google Cloud Resource Manager PDF

  87. Google Associate Cloud Engineer - Implementing Google Compute Engine PDF

  88. Google Associate Cloud Engineer - Implementing Google Kubernetes Engine PDF

  89. Google Associate Cloud Engineer - Managing Google Kubernetes Engine PDF

  90. Google Associate Cloud Engineer - Implementing Google App Engine PDF

  91. Google Associate Cloud Engineer - Managing Google Compute Engine PDF

  92. Harvard ManageMentor - BudgetingImage

  93. Harvard ManageMentor - Business Case DevelopmentPDF

  94. Harvard ManageMentor - Business Plan DevelopmentPDF

  95. Harvard ManageMentor - Career ManagementImage

  96. Harvard ManageMentor - Crisis ManagementImage

  97. Harvard ManageMentor - Change ManagementImage

  98. Harvard ManageMentor - Crisis ManagementImage

  99. Harvard ManageMentor - CoachingImage

  100. Harvard ManageMentor - Customer FocusImage

  101. Harvard ManageMentor - Decision MakingImage

  102. Harvard ManageMentor - DelegatingImage

  103. Harvard ManageMentor - Difficult InteractionsPDF

  104. Harvard ManageMentor - Digital IntelligenceImage

  105. Harvard ManageMentor - Diversity in OrganizationsPDF

  106. Harvard ManageMentor - Developing EmployeesImage

  107. Harvard ManageMentor - Ethics at workImage

  108. Harvard ManageMentor - Finance EssentialsImage

  109. Harvard ManageMentor - Global CollaborationImage

  110. Harvard ManageMentor - Goal SettingImage

  111. Harvard ManageMentor - Innovation and CreativityPDF

  112. Harvard ManageMentor - Innovation ImplementationPDF

  113. Harvard ManageMentor - Leveraging your NetworksPDF

  114. Harvard ManageMentor - Marketing EssentialsImage

  115. Harvard ManageMentor - Managing your BossImage

  116. Harvard ManageMentor - Meeting ManagementImage

  117. Harvard ManageMentor - NegotiatingImage

  118. Harvard ManageMentor - Leading PeopleImage

  119. Harvard ManageMentor - Performance AppraisalImage

  120. Harvard ManageMentor - Performance MeasurementPDF

  121. Harvard ManageMentor - Persuading OthersImage

  122. Harvard ManageMentor - Presentation SkillsImage

  123. Harvard ManageMentor - Process ImprovementImage

  124. Harvard ManageMentor - Project ManagementImage

  125. Harvard ManageMentor - Retaining EmployeesImage

  126. Harvard ManageMentor - Strategic ThinkingImage

  127. Harvard ManageMentor - Strategy Planning and ExecutionPDF

  128. Harvard ManageMentor - Stress ManagementImage

  129. Harvard ManageMentor - Team CreationImage

  130. Harvard ManageMentor - Team ManagementImage

  131. Harvard ManageMentor - Time ManagementImage

  132. Harvard ManageMentor - Writing SkillsImage

  133. How to be a long term thinkerImage

  134. Improving Technical writing skills PDF

  135. ITIL 4 Foundation - IntroductionPDF

  136. ITIL 4 Foundation - Key ConceptsPDF

  137. ITIL 4 Foundation - Key Concepts of Service ManagementPDF

  138. Kubernetes Administrator - Kubernetes Fundamentals for AdministratorsPDF

  139. IT Security Fundamentals PDF

  140. IDM IT Control Framework PDF

  141. Insights for Stress Management PDF

  142. Introduction to Healthcare PDF

  143. Introduction to Infectious Diseases PDF

  144. JIRA - Introducing the JIRA platform PDF

  145. JIRA - Leveraging JIRA for development practices PDF

  146. JIRA Cloud - Creating and setting up Projects PDF

  147. JIRA Cloud - Configuring and Managing Boards PDF

  148. JIRA Cloud - Planning and working on Software Projects PDF

  149. JIRA Cloud - Reporting in JIRA software PDF

  150. Jenkins - Introduction PDF

  151. Jenkins - Creating Application BuildsPDF

  152. Jenkins - Testing Continuous Integration PDF

  153. Jenkins - Administration PDF

  154. Kanban for Operations: Managing People and using Kanban PDF

  155. Listening even when its difficult to listen. PDF

  156. Leading in the post-pandemic workplace PDF

  157. Navigating the post-pandemic workplace PDF

  158. Overview of the ITIL service Lifecycle PDF

  159. Phishing Awareness PDF

  160. Powershell Universal Dashboard PDF

  161. Publishing Videos and using channels. PDF

  162. Python Fundamentals Bootcamp: Session 1 PDF

  163. Python Fundamentals Bootcamp: Session 2 PDF

  164. Python Fundamentals Bootcamp: Session 3 PDF

  165. Python Fundamentals Bootcamp: Session 4 PDF

  166. Python Fundamentals Bootcamp: Sandbox exercises PDF

  167. Riesgo Psicosocial en el Trabajo PDF

  168. Scripting Automation: Adopting an Automation Mindset PDF

  169. Scripting Automation: Major Automation Technologies for Support Engineers PDF

  170. Scripting Automation: Scripting for Support Engineers PDF

  171. Sharepoint Online - Signing in and Setting up PDF

  172. Sharepoint Online - Creating a Team Site PDF

  173. Sharepoint Online - Working with Communication Sites PDF

  174. Sharepoint Online - Working with Sharepoint Apps PDF

  175. Sharepoint Online - Working with document libraries PDF

  176. Sharepoint Online - Building Web Pages PDF

  177. Sharepoint Online - Illustrating Web Pages PDF

  178. Sexual Harassment Prevention for Professionals PDF

  179. Security and Safety AwarenessPDF

  180. Stress Management PDF

  181. SAP HANA by atos introduction PDF

  182. Secure Corporate Comms and Networking PDF

  183. Site Reliability Engineering PDF

  184. Site Reliability Tools: Automation PDF

  185. The Power of Communication PDF

  186. Tools for the IDM Landscape PDF

  187. Trello - Sign in and Setup PDF

  188. Trello - Creating Teams and Boards PDF

  189. Trello - Managing Cards PDF

  190. Trello - Finding and Sharing Information PDF

  191. Using Corporate Devices Safely PDF

  192. Virtual Collaboration PDF

  193. Virtual Team Challenges PDF

  194. Windows 2019 - Nano server first look PDF

  195. Windows 2019 - Server Patching and Updating PDF

Allscripts trainings:

atos Updated: January 2023

These are courses related to working with this Healthcare provider account.

Non Accredited or assistance Training

Sysadmin Updated: January 2023

These courses don't give out accreditations, most are instructor led and are usually meant as preparation for certification.