The Irrationality of sexism in the Engineering Field

The Engineering field faces an internal issue. An endemic set of practices that keeps the field from reaching the full potential of many of its most valuable resources and damages its long term viability and evolution. Sexism is a horrible practice common to many areas of Engineering, and damningly pervasive on the Information Technologies field where a lot of us work. As engineers, we must root it out before it compromises the integrity of our entire systems (that is, our practices, inner workings, knowledge transference and resource allocation). Why does


DevOps, Agile, Scrum, Lean et al: It's just Engineering

I try to keep in touch with modern methodologies, trends, practices and the tools they provide you. I enjoy learning and tweaking and upgrading the status quo of several areas of knowledge, both professional and general. It's not a "professional journey" but rather, constant intellectual evolution. And it's not only in Software Engineering/Web development/Project Management (my main professional interest), but rather, I apply them to the way I live my life, think and act. I'm old enough to have seen a few trends emerge in Software Development, become