What I did last week: Eclipse Che , Docker and SELinux

I'm gonna start writing a quick post on the stuff I'm learning and working with every week. I've noticed some of my posts are a bit on the longer, meaningful side, so I'll try to keep them short. I hope this is useful to someone else as a light pointer to some interesting tech.

Eclipse CHE

I'm testing Eclipse CHE as an IDE / Provisioning system for my workflow. So far I've got some issues running its Workspace creator, as it sometimes fails to complete and start them.

As an IDE its pretty good even though its browser-based, but its significantly more responsive that other Cloud offerings I've tried like Koding, Codeanywhere or Cloud9.

I highly recommend you try it, its definitely a worthy tool for web development.


I've known and used docker only a little, since I've used it on my own playground rather than work, so I decided to dig a little deeper and get some decent experience on it. So far, its a pretty good solution. I particularly like the availability of docker containers of some annoying to setup platforms. Drupal-based solutions and some others based on Java/Tomcat and Ruby were always painful to setup on some enviroments, and its now way easier to do quick testing and experiments with these.

Docker Testing

About to test a phabricator image

I found a great reading list on github, from veggiemonk, so give it a read: https://github.com/veggiemonk/awesome-docker

The official documentation is awesome, so give it a skim, too.


Ever since switching to RHEL/Fedora I've worked with SELinux enabled in my system. I've decided to fully grok it so I'm reading its documentation and viewing some Tutorials. After getting started, I can see why its a worthy enhancement over the traditional Unix security model.

Configuration should be easier, particularly for the restorecon command, though.

Here's an excellent primer from RedHat's own Thomas Cameron on the 2012 Red Hat Summit:

That's it for this week, let me know if you find any interesting things, too.

Augusto Tijerina

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