My Professional Experience

I've worked 4 years in WSI / First Consulting Group, ever since getting an internship the last semester of my career (Software Engineer).

I started as a developer and systems administrator and got to be a Project Manager after my predecessor decided to leave due to health reasons (or so we think). I do a lot of interaction with clients and manage all the projects for WSI.

Lately I've started working as a Trainer for Project Management Seminars for some companies like Axa-Yazaki (TAD).

I'm a Gnu/Linux user

Linux Counter

For about 14 years now, I've been using Open Source Unix variants. Lots of distro hopping and BSD testing, so I've picked up some skills in sysadmining.

This website is currently running in a hosted VPS that I've installed and configured almost from scratch (yay for virtualization as a cheap service).

I read a lot:

I keep track of the books I've read using, you can checkout the latest books I've read (I ocassionally get a request for comments on my reading list).